2005 News

The Kind of Homework Architect Students Love
Fourteen senior students from the Louisiana State University School of Architecture spent their last semester on a project some say they learned more from than all their previous years. They participated in a competition sponsored by the Vinyl Institute to design a Habitat for Humanity home. Then they all had the opportunity to build the home.

Vinyl Institute Announces Winning Home Design in LSU Student Competition
The Vinyl Institute (VI), in conjunction with the Louisiana State University (LSU) School of Architecture and The Greater Baton Rouge Habitat for Humanity, announced on Feb. 22 the winners of a student competition to design a Habitat for Humanity house.

Vinyl Tops Canada’s Busiest Airport
Architectural firms charged with creating a new terminal at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport found vinyl was the best roofing material to meet all the demands of this unique design. Read more about why vinyl was chosen in this part of a $4.4 billion redevelopment project at Canada’s busiest airport.

Vinyl Material Key To Opening Christo's Gates
A key medium in artist Christo's heralded "The Gates, Central Park, New York" was vinyl. The ability to easily extrude vinyl to match the saffron color scheme of the project; its durability; and, most importantly, its ability to be recycled made it the material of choice.

Architect Says Vinyl Siding Is 'Green'
The following article appeared in the July 2005 edition of Fine Homebuilding magazine. Architect Betsy Pettit, president of the Building Science Corp. in Westford, Mass., compares various cladding materials and concludes that vinyl siding is "green."