Vinyl Products Rejuvenate Virginia Assisted Living Facility

RICHMOND, Va., April 17, 2009 – An assisted living facility in Richmond’s West End has a new name and an updated look, thanks to a renovation that included installation of vinyl plank, vinyl wallcoverings, window treatments, and vinyl-backed carpet.

Ginter Hall was built in the 1980s with very little capital reserved for renovations and updates. The new project owners knew they needed a fresh marketable look that would provide a comfortable setting for existing and incoming residents.

The facility is now known as the Lynmoore, described on its web site as “an exceptional community of care,” with “specialized professional assistance in a warm, personalized, and nurturing environment where the independence and dignity of all residents are respected and preserved.”

Natalie Kent, executive director of the Lynmoore, stated, “The Lynmoore residents and staff are enjoying the new design changes. The entire feel of our home has changed with reduced noise level, increased warmth, and new smaller scaled spaces for privacy and family time.”

New vinyl products have reinvigorated the look and appeal of the entrance, dining room, elevator lounge, corridors, and the library that was formerly a bookkeeping office.

The interiors use carpet tile with recycled vinyl backing, and vinyl plank with recycled content to provide the warmth of wood, and the required durability. Once the existing vinyl composition tile was stripped of wax, both the new carpet and plank were laid over the existing flooring materials. This eliminated the cost of removal, and the related disposal fees.

Natalie Kent noted, “[The residents] love the bedroom window treatments, [as it] reminds them of what they were around growing up.”

Vinyl wallcovering with recycled content was used to replace the old wallcovering that had been “painted” numerous times, and had left the substrate in rough condition when the wallcovering was removed. Vinyl wall protection and upholstery were used throughout the facility, along with appropriate fabrics.

The addition of indirect lighting and upholstered panels with vinyl bead board for division of space created a homier, more comfortable setting for both residents and visitors of the new and improved Lynmoore facility. The renovation was completed in March of 2009.

Natalie Kent concluded, “We love our new design and consider it an essential investment in meeting the ongoing demand of our aging population.”

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