Recycling Vinyl Siding Found Easy and Economical

TORONTO, ONTARIO, March 29, 2007  – When a Canadian company stripped the vinyl siding from 275 houses being demolished on a military base, it was able to salvage 100 percent of the siding and then deliver it all to recyclers, saving many thousands of dollars in landfill fees and avoiding the landfill.

“We were surprised how easy it was,” said John Phillips, vice president of Priestly Demolition Inc.  His company removed more than 116,000 pounds of vinyl siding from the houses at Canadian Forces Base Borden in Ontario and trucked the material straight to recyclers.

As part of their contract with Defense Construction Canada, he said, “the onus was on us to recycle or reuse as much material as possible.”  This was their first experience with vinyl siding.

“We were not aware of the vinyl recycling market,” Phillips said, “but once we won the contract, the Vinyl Council approached us and helped us find sources.  We were surprised at how easy salvage and recycling were.”

The material went to three different recycling firms.  The first reground the siding and sold it to a manufacturer of other vinyl products.  The second baled the vinyl siding and resold it to a reprocessing operation.  The third recycler reground the material for resale to a local pipe extruder.