Taking Credit! Update on LEED® v.4 Pilot Credit Influencing Material Selection

Specifying products and meeting LEED® v.4 Materials and Resources credits includes an exciting opportunity for designers and architects to sign up to use a pilot credit that reflects hard work on the part of manufacturers developing interior products as sustainable solutions. The pilot credit is entitled Certified Multi-Attribute Products and Materials.

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Sustainability & Resilience

We occasionally receive questions about dioxins from architects and designers. It’s one of those words that people find very scary – and reasonably so. Based on laboratory animal studies, dioxins have the potential to cause cancer, reproductive and developmental problems, and damage to the immune system.

Sustainability & Resilience

We live in a chlorine economy. And, no, it’s not all about vinyl.

Have you noticed that we spend a lot of time talking about scientific breakthroughs and information you need to know now?

In our last post, we talked about the importance of a materiality assessment, a key step in understanding your brand’s pathway to sustainability. This post talks about the second major research you need to do.

I travel a lot for my job, so I take hotel design personally. Hotel companies try to create spaces that deliver a positive experience for guests and employees. As a guest, I look for good locations and affordable rates. Rooms need to be comfortable, clean and quiet.

Product Innovation

We’re in an age of wiring. Just look at the cables running through your home or office.

I sometimes receive a question from an architect or a designer who had a bad experience with a vinyl product. In trying to understand what happened, I often find that the “problem” is either not substantiated or based on bad information.

In Three Aspects of Sustainability: Useful Shorthand for Understanding a Complex Idea we defined sustainability as “taking care of human needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.”

I think everyone in the healthcare industry would like to have a crystal ball – one that allows us to clearly see the future of an industry that is rapidly changing and uncertain.

Sustainability & Resilience

In a recent article, we examined the meaning of the term sustainability. According to many experts, including the United Nations and the U.S. Federal Government, sustainability is taking care of human needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.