Strong, Flexible, Low-Maintenance Vinyl Fencing Keeps Horses Safe
For all animal owners, the main objectives of fencing are safety and containment, and in many cases, vinyl is the best material, according to Chuck Huseman, president of Cedar Lake, Ind.-based FFC Fencing.

Homeowners Select Vinyl Decks for Safety, Durability
May is Deck Safety Month -- and homeowners are increasingly turning to vinyl decks and railings for safety, as well as durability and ease of maintenance.

Vinyl Material Key To Opening Christo's Gates
A key medium in artist Christo's heralded "The Gates, Central Park, New York" was vinyl. The ability to easily extrude vinyl to match the saffron color scheme of the project; its durability; and, most importantly, its ability to be recycled made it the material of choice.

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