When Performance Counts PVC Pipe is the Choice
PVC far surpasses any other material used in piping applications. In the water distribution market it accounts for 66 percent of the market, and in sanitary sewer pipe applications, it accounts for 75 percent.

Bursting Concrete Pipe Replaced with More Durable PVC
When some four million gallons of raw sewage gushed from a manhole at an intersection in this Dallas suburb recently, authorities discovered that the problem was a burst concrete sewer pipe. They quickly replaced the collapsed concrete pipeline with 500 feet of PVC pipe, restoring flow to the system.

PVC Water Pipes Found Superior
With the new Congress pushing legislation to renew America's aging drinking water and wastewater infrastructures, experts say the many advantages of PVC pipe will make it the material of choice for renewal programs throughout the country.

Vinyl Institute Backs New Wastewater Funding
The Vinyl Institute welcomed bipartisan legislation introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives this week that renews the nation's commitment to financing state wastewater infrastructure projects.

Vinyl Piping System Approval Will Reduce Home Costs
The Vinyl Institute welcomed California's approval of CPVC (vinyl) pipe for residential plumbing as "a major victory for California consumers."

PVC Saves Lives in Developing World
Engineers and engineering students working with Engineers Without Borders--USA have been saving lives and improving living conditions for tens of thousands by bringing clean drinking water, sanitation and irrigation systems to developing countries.