Relevant Case Studies

This case study collection demonstrates the diverse use of vinyl materials in residential and commercial construction. Read on to see how architects and designers choose vinyl to bring their plans to reality.

New Vinyl Products Win Medals at NeoCon Trade Fair
A vinyl "surfacing material" for walls by Lonseal and a new line of vinyl flooring by Mannington won silver-level Best of NeoCon awards at the NeoCon World's Trade Fair, the country's largest commercial interior design show and conference.

French Couple Brings ‘Material Of The Century’ To California Ceilings
Affix a vinyl membrane to a frame, heat it, mold it and – Voilà! – you’ve transformed the drab and ho-hum into elegant and avant-garde. Interior and remodeling experts Jean and Marie Gachet have brought the unique French Ceiling technique to California.

Vinyl-Coated Hangars Give the Military More Flexibility
A Florida building design company has developed a new role for vinyl in portable military aircraft hangars that can be quickly assembled and disassembled for air campaigns.

An Orthodontist’s Office Gets a New Face
After 22 years as an orthodontist in the Navy, Dr. Alfred J. Maskeroni decided to open a private practice with the goal of creating an office environment that would appeal both to his staff and teenage clientele. Using creative ceiling treatments, a vinyl wall mural of the underwater world and decorative but functional lighting, JSR transformed an ordinary office into an experience.

Award-Winning Healthcare Setting Realized Using Broad Array of Vinyl Products
An interior design firm relies on vinyl wallcovering, flooring, handrails, bumper guards, transition strips and vinyl-backed carpeting to achieve a functional yet homely look at a long-term care facility prototype that earned an honorable mention in the Nightingale Product Design Competition at the 1999 Symposium on HealthCare Design.

Environmental Profile: Vinyl Wallcovering
Since vinyl wallcoverings are so easy to clean, they make it easy to remove sources of known allergens, including dust and pet dander, thereby improving indoor air quality. Vinyl wallcoverings offer significant advantages over competing materials.