Molecules in design matter

Ever wondered about the secret formula for smart design? It’s all about the chemistry. But don’t panic, this conversation from the 2019 Design Connections conference is less about molecular chemistry and more about why good science underlies the best innovations in design.

Todd Sims of the American Chemistry Council asked, “Rather than designing around a particular chemistry or avoiding a particular chemistry because of things like a red list, what if we looked at what we need that product to actually do? What are the other considerations besides just the design? What are the maintenance considerations? What are the financial implications? What are the broader sustainability implications of products?”

Watch this fascinating discussion on creativity and innovation in product design in the health and wellness sector. Panelists discuss:

  • Why technology and chemistry must work together for new product innovation
  • How to work with manufacturers and product designers to solve design problems
  • Product gaps in the marketplace

In addition, hear the panelists discuss examples of innovative product developments made possible through technology and chemistry. Find out, for example, how a new wheelchair design improves infection prevention. And learn why one hospital has been forced to spend $8 million to replace furniture because the fabric hadn’t been properly tested in the healthcare environment. Yes, molecules really do matter.

Watch Molecules Matters Discussion now.